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The best eyelid massage for meibomian gland dysfunction is something that we are taking a look at in this post. The process of treating Memboitis is not an easy one. It requires a multitude of treatments and can often be experienced as time consuming and difficult. Finding the easiest and most effective way of performing an eyelid massage to relieve dry eye symptoms is therefore key for sufferers of MGD. 


The core treatment of Membomian Gland Dysfunction can be divided into three separate activities; to do regular warm eyelid compresses, to perform eyelid massage and finally to use an eyelid scrub.

I have in a previous posts explained how to do the best warm compress for dry eye, and in this post I wanted to tell you more about how and why you need to do eyelid massage to relieve your dry eye symptoms.

First of all let’s look at why you need to perform an eyelid massage.

If you are suffering from Memboitis then the glands in your upper and lower eyelids will have a reduced functionality. Depending on the severity of your symptoms the glands can be everything from completely clogged to simply releasing a reduced amount of oil. If your glands are completely clogged it will usually mean that there is a hardened “plugg” of oil blocking the glands from releasing any oil at all. In some, more rare, circumstances the gland can be covered by a membrane and even scar tissue.

The whole point with using the three-part system of treating MGD is to heat the glands, then perform the eyelid massage to release the blockage of the oil glands. This process is not quick if your glands have been blocked for some time. In some cases, such as in the case of scar tissue or a membrane covering the gland, simply performing an eyelid massage will in many cases not be sufficient to un-clogg the gland. For these more difficult cases you will need a doctors assistance. For most cases though you should be able to do it yourself and if a doctor has helped you, your job will be to keep the glands open for as long as possible. Some can self treat forever and others need to see doctors every 6-12 months.

There are several ways of performing an eyelid massage so you will have to find the method that suits you the best. I have personally developed three different methods, two of which are my regular methods and one is much more targeted and effective at releasing cloggs, but since it puts more pressure on the eye I only use it occasionally. In this text I woud like to present one method that you can use more regularly.


1. Wash your hands properly so that there are no bacteria or dirt on your fingers. It is very important that you keep a good hand hygiene when performing the massage since bacteria very easily can get into your eyes. They are already sensitive as is so it’s best to avoid irritating them further.

2. Start with the upper eyelids. Close your eyes and shift your gaze downwords.

3. Start with applying a light pressure with your index finger at the rim of the eyelids, starting either from the nose area or the outer part of your eyelid.

4. You should only apply a light pressure so that you don’t hurt your eyes by mistake. Avoid getting your nails onto the eyes. In some cases it can be worth trying to use your ring finger rather than your index fingers as you most likely will feel that it’s easier to use a gentle touch that way.

5. Keep your finger for 2-10 seconds on one single spot, then move your finger to a new spot for another 2-10 seconds. Continue doing this until you’ve covered the entire upper lids on both eyes. You should really only need to switch your spot 5-7 times per lid.

6. Next, move on to the lower eyelids repeating the entire process.

When you have completed this procedure you will most likely feel that the eyes are “wet” and your vision may even become “grainy”. This is due to oil being released from the glands. If this happens, it’s really good news! I often notice that my eyes get whiter shortly after having performed one of these eyelid massages. Having MGD is often connected to having red and irritated eyes, due to the lack of oil on the eyes surface, so make sure that you perform these massages regularly.

So how often is “regularly”? It all depends. In the acute or start up phase of a treatment plan you should most likely perform an eyelid massage several times per day. Once your symptoms have stabilized you cab reduce the number of times.

Most people with MGD should perform an eyelid massage at least two times per day, in the morning and in the evening. It is difficult to do it more since the majority of us have a hard time performing eyelid massages at work. Simply doing the massage is not really the problem but since the massage needs to follow a hot compress it puts some limitations on things.

If your really in a rush you can perform the massage in the shower. That’s actually a quick way to heat the glands as well if you are travelling or simply don’t have enough time to heat the glands in your usual way. Make sure that you don’t use too hot water and that you don’t do it too frequently since, at least for me, it dry’s the skin around the eyes which causes irritation.

That was pretty much it for this time. If you have an effective way of performing your eyelid massage then please let me know by commenting below.

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